Coronavirus cases reported in 48 statesAlabama confirms its first case of COVID-19, as 48 states are reporting infections, and public health officials warn more are on the way; Fox News correspondent Jonathan Serrie reports.Scientists have uncovered how the coronavirus binds with human respiratory cells and hijacks them.The discovery by researchers at Westlake University in Hangzhou, China, and the University of Texas at Austin is important because understanding how the virus enters cells can accelerate efforts to develop treatments — or even a vaccine to stem the pandemic.To infect a human host, viruses must be able to gain entry into individual human cells. They use those cells’ machinery to produce copies of themselves, which then spill out and spread to new cells.NEWBORN BABY TESTS POSITIVE FOR CORONAVIRUS IN LONDON HOSPITALOn Feb. 19 in the journal Science, the Texas scientists identified the tiny molecular key that gives the virus entry into the cell. This key is called a spike protein.Research fellow Qiang Zhou and his team in Hangzhou then solved the rest of the puzzle by essentially finding how the spike protein works. The team published its findings in Science on March 4. In this Tuesday, March, 10, 2020 photo, paramedics work in a laboratory that tests samples taken from patients suspected of being infected

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