Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel has been tested for the coronavirus after experiencing a fever and flu-like symptoms, the organization said on Saturday.“Last night, Chairwoman McDaniel began experiencing a fever and flu-like symptoms, and she went to her local hospital in Michigan for treatment. Flu and strep tests were administered and came back negative,” Communications Director Michael Ahrens said.PRESIDENT TRUMP REVEALS HE TOOK CORONAVIRUS TEST“Her doctor determined a test for COVID-19 was necessary given her symptoms,” he said.The RNC said it is contacting everyone she remembers coming into contact with recently, and she and her family are self-quarantining at home.The announcement from the RNC came shortly after President Trump announced he had taken the coronavirus test and was waiting for results.”I also took the test,” Trump said in the White House briefing room. “I decided I should based on the press conference yesterday, people were asking that I take the test.”Trump has been in contact with individuals who have later tested positive for COVID-19, sparking questions on whether or not the president should be hand-shaking, quarantined and tested.CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE CORONAVIRUS COVERAGEWhen asked about his temperature, Trump told reporters on his way out it was “totally normal.”Trump said his

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