“Saturday Night Live”’s President Biden (played by James Austin Johnson) had a solution to the recent surge in coronavirus cases during the show’s cold open this weekend: “Stop seeing ‘Spider-Man!’” “Spider-Man: No Way Home” topped the box office for four straight weeks after it premiered in mid-December. “Think about it. When did Spider-Man come out?” Johnson’s Biden mused at a fake news conference. “Dec. 17. When did every single person get omicron? The week after Dec. 17. Stop seeing ‘Spider-Man!’” The fake Biden then took questions from reporters – played by other “SNL” cast members. One of them asked if the president thought the pandemic would end if people stopped going to the movies. “I didn’t say ‘Don’t go to the movies’ – I said ‘Stop seeing Spider-Man!'” Biden shouted.  James Austin Johnson plays President Joe Biden on “Saturday Night Live,” Oct. 2, 2021. (Getty Images) He said his data was based on: “Everyone in America has seen ‘Spider-Man’ like eight times. Everyone in America also has COVID.”He advised that Americans didn’t need to test to find out if they have the virus.”Look at your hand. Is it holding a ticket that says you recently went to see ‘Spider-Man?’ If so, then you have

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