Spain’s health officials reported Sunday the country’s death toll from the coronavirus took a dramatic jump in just one day–more than doubling from 136 a day before to 288.The alarming news came as daily life increasingly grounds to a halt across Europe and beyond, amid efforts to combat the spread of the fast-moving virus.Spain’s Health Ministry said there have been 7,753 infections, up from 5,700 on Saturday, with around half of them concentrated in the capital of Madrid.Virus deaths surged in Spain a day after the government declared a state of emergency and took extraordinary measures to limit movement to commuting to work and necessary errands.UK CORONAVIRUS MEASURES WILL SEEK TO QUARANTINE ELDERS, EVOKE WWII ‘BLITZ’ FIGHTING SPIRIT An avenue is seen empty in Barcelona, Spain, Sunday, March 15, 2020. Spain’s government announced Saturday that it is placing tight restrictions on movements and closing restaurants and other establishments in the nation of 46 million people as part of a two-week state of emergency to fight the sharp rise in coronavirus infections. For most people, the new coronavirus causes only mild or moderate symptoms. For some, it can cause more severe illness, especially in older adults and people with existing health problems. (AP

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