Zac Brown has shared a passionate message with his fans.The country singer posted a video on Instagram on Wednesday announcing that he has had to lay off most of his touring crew due to the relentless spread of the coronavirus limiting his ability to tour.”It was a hard day today. For the last 15 years, my crew and who I carry with me out on the road to play my shows and do what we do, I’ve had to let go of about 90 percent of my family, the people that I traveled with and grew my business with, the people I high-five on the way out to the stage, the people that have done all their jobs and done them well,” Brown said while choking up.FROM BROADWAY TO MADONNA: CORONAVIRUS AFFECTS CONCERTS, FESTIVALS AND MUSIC EVENTS”I hate having to make this call, but I can’t generate out there and I can’t tour because of the coronavirus and everyone’s safety and I’m fine with that,” he continued.Brown then said that he’d like to share a message specifically to those who aren’t taking the coronavirus outbreak seriously. The singer called out those who are “out partying” and “sitting out on beaches,” accusing them of not caring

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