The surge in myths, hoaxes and scams surrounding COVID-19 shows no sign of abating.“People are moving online in unprecedented numbers [and] the public health crisis is making it easier…to exploit people’s anxieties,” Alex Guirakhoo, strategy and research analyst at Digital Shadows, a company that provides Digital Risk Protection Software, told Fox News.In some cases, the scam plays off the myth. In other cases, it’s simply misinformation.CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC IMPACT: WHAT IS TELEMEDICINE AND TELEHEALTH?Here are some of the worst misinformation, scams and hoaxes.The new coronavirus was deliberately created or released: False“Occasionally, a disease outbreak happens when a virus that is common in an animal such as a pig, bat or bird undergoes changes and passes to humans. This is likely how the new coronavirus came to be,” according to a blog post from Dr. Lisa Lockerd Maragakis, Johns Hopkins Medicine.The virus is the product of “natural evolution,” said The Scripps Research Institute, citing a new report in the scientific journal Nature Medicine.Pneumonia vaccines work: FalseVaccines against pneumonia only help protect people from specific bacterial infections, according to Harvard Medical School. They do not protect against any coronavirus pneumonia, including pneumonia that may be part of COVID-19.Alternative, home remedy “miracle drug” cures work: FalseCurrently,

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