The White House is moving forward with a proposed $1 trillion coronavirus package that would infuse Americans’ bank accounts with two rounds of direct cash payments.The Trump administration is seeking $250 billion in payments to Americans starting April 6, followed by another $250 billion cash payment round beginning May 18, according to the working draft of the plan obtained by Fox Business Network.The two payments to taxpayers would be identical and the amounts would vary by family income and size, according to the Treasury Department document on the “Stage Three” coronavirus proposal.The Washington Post first reported the document.AOC AND ALLIED PROGRESSIVES SEEK MONTHLY CASH PAYMENTS, RENT ‘SUSPENSION’ IN CORONAVIRUS RESPONSEThe draft of the plan outlines a major economic infusion that goes well beyond the stimulus and bailout plans during the last financial crisis and designed to prop up an economy that has ground to a halt as stores and restaurants and schools are shuttering nationwide and families are isolating at home.The Trump administration’s stimulus package is bigger than the 2008 bank bailout, and the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which was passed and signed under former President Barack Obama and totaled $787 billion to help stabilize the economy about 14 months after

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