Despite pleas from governors, members of Congress and presidential candidates, President Trump initially had resisted using his powers under the Defense Production Act as officials look to ramp up the American medical system’s capacity in anticipation of a spike in demand due to the coronavirus pandemic.But the president then said Friday that he would in fact use the act to mobilize the private sector to provide medical equipment — largely masks — that health care professionals need to treat patients infected with the coronavirus. The Associated Press reported that Trump made the order to begin using the act after Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer pleaded for him to do so on Friday.On Wednesday, Trump first invoked the Defense Production Act, the Korean War-era statute that allows the president to direct manufacturers to make certain equipment that is necessary for the United States to deal with a crisis, whether that be a war or a pandemic, in order “to promote the national defense.” But as of Friday morning, he had not actually taken action under the law, tweeting Wednesday that he only signed the act “should we need to invoke it in a worst case scenario in the future. Hopefully there will be no need….”That concerned

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