President Trump Tuesday said the coronavirus pandemic has been the most difficult part of his presidency but he believes he’s done everything he could to slow the spread of the virus.“I think we did a very good job,” Trump told an undecided Pennsylvania voter who asked him about his greatest challenge as president during a town hall with ABC news anchor George Stephanopoulos.He said the virus has taught him “that life is very fragile. I knew people that were powerful people, strong people, good people, and they got knocked out by this.”TRUMP PRESSED ON WHY HE TOOK ‘FOOT OFF THE GAS’ ON COVID RESPONSE Stephanopoulos asked him if he felt he could have taken more action against the onslaught of the virus.“I don’t think so,” Trump said. “I think what I did by closing up the country…I really don’t think so. I think we did a very good job.”Much of the Philadelphia town hall focused on the outbreak, and the president took tough questions on his handling of the crisis from both Stephanopoulos and the undecided voters.He told another questioner who asked him why he took his “foot off the gas pedal” and “threw” people like him with underlying conditions “under the

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