Comparing the threat of coronavirus to World War II, leaders of the United Kingdom on Sunday called for people to unite and endure hardship in fighting the pandemic.In an article for The Telegraph, U.K. Health Minister Matt Hancock said the government intends to ask those 70 and older to self-isolate for up to four months. He said the plans have not been finalized but should be announced in a few weeks.QUEEN LEAVES BUCKINGHAM PALACE WITH PLANS FOR CORONAVIRUS QUARANTINE “Our generation has never been tested like this,” Hancock wrote in the article, addressing the nation. “Our grandparents were, during the Second World War, when our cities were bombed during the Blitz.”The British press first used the term “The Blitz” to describe a German bombing campaign in 1940-41 that involved strikes against many industrial towns and cities, including London. The term was evoked to inspire a fighting spirit in wartime.“Despite the pounding every night, the rationing, the loss of life, they pulled together in one gigantic national effort. Today our generation is facing its own test, fighting a very real and new disease. We must fight the disease to protect life,” Hancock added, according to Reuters. Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson holds a news conference giving the

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