Vanessa Kirby stood by her “Mission: Impossible” co-star, Tom Cruise, after he made headlines in December for going on a tirade against crew members for breaking COVID-19 protocols on set.The actress, who plays White Widow in the movie franchise, said she believes Cruise’s main message was about just trying to keep people safe in the middle of a global pandemic. “I think being safe is the message for everybody, really,” Kirby, 32, told Extra. Her sister is also a director’s assistant on the film.”For me, seeing my sister doing it on the ground and every day coming home from work and it all going well, it was all inspiring. The whole industry has been shut down – cinemas, theaters, film sets. Seeing her go and do it and be one of the first ones up gave me hope,” she explained.TOM CRUISE YELLS AT ‘MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE’ CREW MEMBERS FOR BREAKING COVID-19 GUIDELINESKirby said that she’s due to begin shooting later in January. “I think it starts up next week again or something,” she said. “I’m really excited… I think with every ‘Mission’… the stunts get riskier and there’s ones on this that have been terrifying… and there’s many more to be filmed… It’s a pleasure for all

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