Maggie Connolly, a Brooklyn resident who put up a flyer advertising to help her elderly neighbors buy groceries and medicine amid the coronavirus outbreak, said on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday that she decided to help because she “was just really worried that those people, those neighbors weren’t getting what they needed.”Fears of the fast-spreading virus have caused long lines and crowded parking lots at grocery stores across the country as shoppers stock up on food and other items. In many cases, customers have found stores running low on paper goods — including toilet paper — dairy items and meat.Last week, Connolly posted a flyer in her Brooklyn neighborhood that said: “To elderly neighbors and those with compromised health, If you need help or don’t feel safe going to busy stores right now, your neighbors are here to help!” as she provided her email address and offered to make store runs.When asked how she came up with the idea she said, “I was sitting at home, I think it was last Thursday night, it was right after that first rush that everybody went to the grocery store and so when I went there, I noticed that all the bread was gone, the meat, toilet paper, all these necessities.”“I live in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, it has a very

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