If you’re looking for an article full of photos and human interest, we refer you to this March 1, 2020 article from the UK’s Daily Mail Online, found at DAILYMAIL.CO.UK.

The in-depth article, which includes a map of current infected areas in the US and dozens of photos, including many of the people returning from the infected Diamond Princess cruise ship, is a composite of information reported by NATALIE RAHHAL ACTING US HEALTH EDITOR, MARY KEKATOS SENIOR HEALTH REPORTER,  EMILY CRANE and EMILY GOODIN, SENIOR U.S. POLITICAL REPORTER IN NEW DELHI FOR DAILYMAIL.COM 

Here are key points as summarized by the Daily Mail reporters:

  • President Donald Trump sent a tweet insisting ‘Coronavirus is very much under control in the USA’ 
  • It came as The White House on Monday sent lawmakers a $2.5 billion plan to address the deadly outbreak 
  • San Antonio, Texas, health officials confirmed another six cases of coronavirus on Monday 
  • Five of the newly-diagnosed Americans were evacuated from the Diamond Princess cruise ship and one had been evacuated from Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the outbreak
  • Fourteen of the 328 Americans evacuated from the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan tested positive for coronavirus before their flights took off last week 
  •  CDC spokesperson Dr Nancy Messonnier warned that coronavirus is not yet spreading in US communities but said it’s ‘likely that it may happen’ 
  • The World Health Organization warned that, while it hesitates to use the word ‘pandemic,’ the outbreak is teetering on the precipice of that distinction

You can find the full article at https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-8040239/American-coronavirus-cases-rise-53-six-newly-diagnosed-people-Texas.html