BETHLEHEM, Pa. — Randi Sigafoos did not want to leave her kids home alone, but she didn’t know what else to do.”It’s been very challenging. I had to come back to work, so I kind of don’t have a choice. And my husband works, so it’s been hard,” said Sigafoos, 50, who works at a jewelry store in historic Bethlehem, part of an old steel mill county an hour outside of Philadelphia that narrowly supported Donald Trump in 2016.When the coronavirus pandemic first hit, things weren’t so bad for Sigafoos. Her mom was able to help out with her two girls, 10 and 12 years old, when they were learning remotely, giving her and her husband some peace of mind. Hiring a babysitter was not a luxury they could afford, but they made do.But then Sigafoos’ 95-year-old grandmother started to decline. The family had to make a tradeoff. Sigafoos’ mom would move in with her grandmother so she could care for her round-the-clock, and the two girls would have to be left home alone. Those tradeoffs took a toll.”It has been an absolute struggle. I just hope things change with the election,” said Sigafoos, who voted early for Joe Biden.Polls

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