Andy Eckardt3h ago / 9:07 PM UTCWildlife Park Mehlmeisel in Germany.Courtesy Wildlife Park MehlmeiselA small animal enclosure in Bavaria, Germany is playing music to “entertain” its inhabitants during quiet lockdown times.“We play anything from hard rock, to pop, to classical music to country tunes,” the owner of animal park Mehlmeisel, Eckard Mickisch, told NBC News.The park uses the individually selected playlists to maintain a noise backdrop that is usually generated by the visitors to the small zoo, which houses between 60 and 100 domestic animals. “We want to make sure that all sound frequencies are played and therefore have songs like ‘Highway to Hell’ from AC/DC on our lists, as well as high pitch classical compositions,” Mickisch said.The park owner believes that the animals need to be “desensitized” before the visitors return. “The animals get too easily scared, if it is too quiet for a longer period of time,” Mr. Mickisch explained, which could lead to flight behavior, especially among the deer population and other herd animals.“Our employees get to choose the playlist, as they are the ones who have to listen to this all day as well,” says Mickisch.Erika Edwards2h ago / 10:51 PM UTC’A race against time’: Results

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