WASHINGTON — From music festivals to sporting events, the cancellations that have accompanied the spread of COVID-19 seem likely to give a shock to the economy — or at least important parts of it.While the anger of fans and devotees of events such as the NCAA Basketball Tournament or the SXSW Festivals has made headlines, the real-world economic impacts for communities around the country may be dramatic. And when you add up all the cancellations there are signs a major economic hit is coming, with the biggest hits falling on people who are likely not well-equipped to handle them.Start with some of the biggest headlines in the last few weeks, the major sporting events and festivals that have already been put on ice.The massive SXSW festival in Austin, Texas brought in about $355 million to the area in 2019 according to an analysis by the firm Greyhill Advisers. That’s a lot of empty hotel beds and meals not served this year.The Final Four for the NCAA was supposed to bring more than $100 million into Atlanta in early April. And those are just for the semifinal and championship games. Across the country, there were other cities that were going to

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