Samantha Kubota7h ago / 11:16 AM UTCBoth AMC Theatres and Regal Cinemas announced Monday they will close their doors this week as the coronavirus continues to spread in the United States.The movie theater chains were set to close Monday night after the last showing.Read the full story here.Alexander Smith7h ago / 11:16 AM UTCBritish researchers warn social restrictions may have to remain for 18 months until vaccine is foundResearchers advising the British government have warned that social restrictions designed to combat the spread of the coronavirus may have to be imposed for 18 months or “indefinitely” until a vaccine is found.A report published Monday by the the COVID-19 Response Team at Imperial College London persuaded the U.K. government to shift its much criticized strategy from trying to slow the number of infections to trying to suppress them altogther.However, the response team warned that the measures — advising people to skip pubs and theaters, as well as self-isolating at home for 14 days if any family member displays symptoms — might have to remain in place for many months because the contagion might “rebound” once they are lifted.”The social and economic effects of the measures which are needed to achieve this policy goal will be profound,” it warned.Hans

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