For nearly two weeks, Cristina Higgins, an American who lives in Italy, has traveled no farther from her apartment building than the driveway. Her days begin at the breakfast table with her husband and three children before the kids log online to do their schoolwork from home. The family spends their evenings playing Monopoly in their apartment.Throughout the day, Higgins looks at the news for updates on the growing number of coronavirus cases in the country and checks in on friends. Each night, overwhelmed with anxiety over the spread of the virus, she finds it hard to sleep.”We have friends who are getting sick. It’s very stressful,” Higgins told NBC News over the phone from her home in Bergamo, where she, like everyone else, is under government-ordered home isolation, even though she and her family are not sick. “I am nauseous all day long, because every time I look at the news or talk to somebody else, something terrible has happened. And I don’t know what’s going to happen next.”Full coverage of the coronavirus outbreakWith more than 12,000 confirmed cases and more than 800 deaths, Italy has become the European epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, with the number of sick

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