Deliveries are soaring during the coronavirus pandemic as Americans stay home from work and school, but 12 UPS drivers in nine states tell NBC News they don’t think their company has done enough to protect workers or the millions of customers they serve.UPS has told drivers across the country not to share their hand-held devices with customers when making signature deliveries, and drivers in California, Wisconsin, Michigan and Washington said their daily morning meetings had been canceled since Monday to avoid forming crowds.But drivers in all nine states said UPS hadn’t provided any protective gear to workers in their areas — no gloves or masks — or instituted “no contact” deliveries. They would also like the company to supply them with hand sanitizer, but UPS has instead advised frequent hand washing, which drivers said isn’t particularly feasible on their routes.The drivers spoke on the condition of anonymity, due to fears about losing their jobs.A broken sink at a UPS hub in Fresno, Calif. UPS drivers have been encouraged by management to wash their hands frequently, to prevent spreading or contracting the virus. The facility has multiple sinks, but a Fresno driver told NBC News, “The only thing you’re telling us

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