In a direct rebuttal to President Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders delivered somber, and at times searing, speeches Thursday slamming the administration’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic and detailing how they believe the government should be responding to the crisis.”If there ever was a time in the modern history of our country where we are all in this together, this is that moment,” Sanders said in Burlington, Vermont, after suggesting the death toll may exceed that of American service-members during World War II. “Now is the time for solidarity.”Earlier, in an address from his hometown, Wilmington, Delaware, Biden said, “Downplaying it, being overly dismissive or spreading misinformation is only going to hurt us and further advantage the spread of the disease.””But neither should we panic, or fall back on xenophobia,” he said. “Labeling COVID-19 a foreign virus does not displace accountability for the misjudgments that have been taken thus far by the Trump administration.”The two candidates spoke the day after Trump addressed the nation on the crisis as his administration seeks to quickly mitigate the virus’ impact on public health and financial markets.Biden’s speech was the first he’s made since emerging as the front-runner for the Democratic presidential

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