WASHINGTON — When the Biden administration holds its first coronavirus briefing Wednesday, there will be no cameo from the president, no speakers behind the White House podium jousting with reporters, and no data coming from outside the federal agencies involved in the pandemic response.And in a sign of the awareness of the risks of putting people in a room together, the briefing won’t even be held in person.It will be a different scene from the coronavirus news briefings of the Trump administration, which often became freewheeling televised spectacles with the president jockeying with journalists. It’s one of the clearest signs yet of how President Joe Biden is taking a vastly different approach when it comes to talking to the American people.Full coverage of the coronavirus outbreakFrom the start of the pandemic, public health officials have been making the case that combating the virus requires a communal effort.Biden and his pandemic advisers argue that changing the way information gets to the public will be one of the primary ways to turn around the trajectory of the pandemic.The Biden administration also plans a broader public communications strategy, including public service-style announcements on the vaccine, something the Trump administration was never able to

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