Patients with severe COVID-19 symptoms have been arriving at Dr. Joao Miori’s hospital in ever increasing numbers this past week, requiring intubation, ventilation and days of intensive care before they either die or recover enough to be discharged.Miori, 29, an emergency room doctor in his third year of residency at Sao Paulo’s Federal University Hospital, explained that Brazil currently lacks the ability to carry out widespread testing, so those with milder symptoms are simply asked to return home and quarantine themselves.Joao Miori is an emergency room doctorCourtesy Joao MioriBut, he says, many patients now refuse to leave the facility, and insist on staying in waiting rooms that may be filled with others infected with the virus.“They think we’re just blowing them off, so that we don’t have to take care of them,” he said in a recent phone interview. “They’re scared, and I totally understand.”He worries, though, that patients not already infected when they arrive are more likely to be when they finally leave, while the viral load may be accelerated in any infected individuals.Brazil was the first country in Latin America to report a case of COVID-19 and currently has the most cases in the region.Miori blames mixed messages

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