Those who recover from the coronavirus are probably not going to catch it again, at least in the short term, experts say. But it’s unclear how long that immunity will last.”It is reasonable to predict we will have some immunity. To say you will have lifelong immunity? We just don’t know yet,” said Frances Lund, professor and chair of the department of microbiology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. “But I think it’s a reasonable conclusion that you will have immunity for the rest of this season.”Full coverage of the coronavirus outbreakThe key to immunity lies in the antibodies produced by people who have recovered from COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.Antibodies are proteins in the bloodstream that attack foreign intruders, such as viruses and bacteria. Those produced in response to the coronavirus may one day help guide public health measures, such as signaling when it is safe for a person to end social distancing. They are also being explored as a treatment for critically ill patients whose own antibodies are not enough to fight off the virus.More research is needed in both of those areas, but in the meantime, top health officials have expressed confidence that coronavirus

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