Jo Ling Kent12h ago / 7:14 PM UTCThe head of one of the biggest internet infrastructure companies said his company has seen a surge in traffic as people work from home — but consumers should not worry.Matthew Prince, CEO of internet company CloudFlare, said usage in Seattle is up 40 percent in the last week.  “Want to make sure it’s clear: this is not a risk to the functioning of the Internet,” Prince said in an email. “There is increased usage, but the internet was designed to accommodate spikes like these. It’s not dissimilar levels of traffic to what we’d see during the Super Bowl or World Cup.””The Internet was literally designed to be a network robust enough to survive a nuclear war,” he added. “It is holding up exactly as designed during the additional load caused by people working from home during the Coronavirus emergency.”Pete Williams12h ago / 7:11 PM UTCCan the federal government order a national quarantine?It’s abundantly clear that governors and mayors, not the federal government, have the broadest quarantine and isolation authority. That’s because the constitution leaves that kind of police power in the hands of the states.Longstanding federal laws, and rules put in place at the end of

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