China began to release data on asymptomatic coronavirus patients last week, a move experts say will help other countries respond to the pandemic and provide crucial insight into how the virus is spread.”We have been basing a lot of our models and our predictions off the Chinese data because it was the first major outbreak,” Nadia Abuelezam, an epidemiologist at Boston College’s Connell School of Nursing, told NBC News.With the addition of asymptomatic patients — those infected but showing no symptoms of the disease — raising the count, she said, “this changes the potential dynamics of the models.”Scientists are still trying to determine the risk posed by asymptomatic cases.Abuelezam said while people displaying symptoms spread the virus through droplets more likely to be projected while coughing, someone who is not showing the symptoms but still has the virus could transmit the disease in the same way.A study out of Singapore released Wednesday estimated the transmission rate by healthy-seeming individuals was significant. It found around 10 percent of new infections could be caused by asymptomatic patients.As a result, the U.S. Centers For Disease Control and Prevention changed its guidance on preventing infections and warned that anyone could be a carrier.In China,

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