By Tuesday, streets that had swelled with protests were walled off and guarded by security personnel, some of whom searched pedestrians’ phones for images or messaging apps that could link them to the demonstrations, according to Reuters.

In Beijing, police guarded the site of a protest on Sunday where people sang the Chinese national anthem, including the lyrics “Rise, people who do not wish to be slaves” and “Arise, arise, arise.”

Many of the weekend protests took place on university campuses, which have historically been the birthplace of China’s political movements. Tsinghua University in Beijing, where protesting students had chanted, “We want democratic rule of law, we want freedom of speech,” said in a statement on an official WeChat account that it would assist students who wished to go home and study remotely, citing their health and safety.

While the protests were largely tamped down, there continued to be scattered incidents of unrest. Late Monday in the southern metropolis of Guangzhou, protesters dismantled a Covid-19 testing kiosk, throwing a bike and other objects as onlookers cheered and filmed, according to a video posted online and geolocated by NBC News. Another video showed more than 30 shield-carrying security personnel in white hazmat suits arriving at the scene.

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