China on Thursday hit back at President Joe Biden’s call to redouble efforts to determine the origins of the coronavirus, and dismissed a theory that it may have leaked from a laboratory in its city of Wuhan as a “conspiracy.”Chinese officials accused the U.S. of politicizing the pandemic and said that international experts had “repeatedly praised China’s open and transparent attitude” to Covid-19’s origins.”Some people in the United States completely ignore facts and science,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told reporters Thursday.”The extremely impossible statement of China’s ‘laboratory leak theory’ has been clearly documented in the report of the WHO Joint Investigation,” Zhao said.He was referring to a joint fact-finding mission between China and World Health Organization scientists, which took place in China in January and found it was “extremely unlikely” the virus had leaked from a Wuhan lab.Still, U.S. intelligence agencies told NBC News in February they had not ruled out the possibility that a lab accident had led to a leak of the virus. A source familiar with the matter said this week that a U.S. intelligence report had identified three researchers at the Wuhan lab who sought treatment at a hospital after falling ill in November

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