Several jail staffers took notice when an inmate arrived at a federal detention center in Miami last week wearing a face mask.Word spread rapidly inside the FDC Miami that the man had flu-like symptoms, two workers said, triggering fears that the inmate was infected with the coronavirus.”A lot of staffers are in an uproar because they don’t know if they’re going to get exposed,” one employee told NBC News at the time.It turned out the inmate had a bacterial infection, a Bureau of Prisons official said, not coronavirus. But concern about the potential spread of COVID-19 inside a detention facility has only grown since then as the number of confirmed cases has exploded across the country.An outbreak of the deadly virus inside the walls of a U.S. prison or jail is now a question of when, not if, according to health experts. And interviews with several jail staffers, prisoner advocates and former correctional medical personnel revealed deep concerns over the potential for the illness to wreak havoc behind bars.“We’re in a very perilous stage right now,” said Dr. Homer Venters, the former chief medical officer of the New York City jail system. “It’s just a matter of time before we

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