Earlier this month, a boy at the New Orleans juvenile detention center refused to attend classes. He wouldn’t even leave his room.Christy Sampson-Kelly, an administrator for the school in the detention center, run by a nonprofit called the Center for Educational Excellence in Alternative Settings, said she went to his room with a social worker to see what was wrong. The boy said he was worried about catching COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. He thought staying in his room was the safest thing he could do.Sampson-Kelly said the boy told her, “Miss Christy, I just don’t want to die in here.”Many of the 47 children in the New Orleans Juvenile Justice Intervention Center are afraid, Sampson-Kelly said. While some don’t want to leave the safety of their rooms, others fear that if there is an outbreak in the facility, they’ll be restricted to those rooms, essentially placed in solitary confinement. For many detained youth, their primary caretaker is a grandparent, and they’re scared that someone they love will die of the virus before they get out. As of Thursday, 83 people in Louisiana had died because of COVID-19, among the highest death tolls of any state.One boy at

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