Will your yearly physical include a Covid-19 vaccine booster shot? Probably, experts said Wednesday.The coronavirus has shown it can mutate like the flu and the vaccines will have to be updated to counter new strains, they said.“I think a big question on this coronavirus is, is it something that we’re gonna have forever,” Dr. Richard Besser, a former acting director of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told NBC News senior medical correspondent Dr. John Torres. “This virus is showing an incredible ability to mutate, to change, to adapt, in a sense, to everything we’re putting against it.”Besser, who is currently president of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, addressed the issue after Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky joined the growing chorus of public health officials and infectious disease experts who have warned that Covid-19 is likely to be an endemic disease.That means Covid-19 will stick around like the flu, though not at the same level that we are seeing now.“Unfortunately, as (the virus) spreads, it can also mutate,” Gorsky told CNBC’s Meg Tirrell. “Every time it mutates, it’s almost like another click of the dial so to speak where we can see another variant, another mutation that

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