Judith Bautista found out she was out of a job in June when a moving truck pulled into the home of the family she worked for during the past eight years.“They tell me they buy a mansion in another state,” Bautista said, “and from one day to another one, they say ‘that’s it, you don’t have a job.'”Bautista, 36, the family’s nanny, has been a domestic worker in New York City ever since she immigrated from Puebla, Mexico, at the age of 17. She specializes in caring for children and teens with special needs.Like many other domestic workers, her job came to an end when her employer decided to move out of the city due to the coronavirus pandemic.Bautista said she cared for the family’s son like he was her own, watching him grow from a child to a teenager.“You put your heart in the job,” she said. “I still miss him.”But her worry now is how she will provide for her own son, Jian, who is 10.“I used all my savings to support my family because I am a single mother,” she said. “So, it’s very hard. Last month, I pay my rent and I say, ‘what’s going to

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