The delta variant now accounts for half of the Covid-19 cases in many areas of the U.S., President Joe Biden said Tuesday, urging unvaccinated Americans to get the Covid-19 shots as the U.S. faces a dramatic rise in the “hypertransmissible” variant of the coronavirus. His plea included reassurances about the strength of the Covid-19 vaccines available in the U.S.Full coverage of the coronavirus outbreak”Fully vaccinated Americans have a high degree of protection, including against this delta variant,” Biden said at a news briefing, pointing out that virtually all Covid-19 hospitalizations and deaths in recent months have been among the unvaccinated.Former Defense Department immunologist John Grabenstein, a former executive director of medical affairs for vaccines at Merck, said the delta variant is “more contagious, more spreadable.””That makes it dangerous, because it’s more likely to find the people who are not vaccinated,” he said.The variant has risen as the U.S. vaccination rate has stalled, and recent reports about a drop in vaccine effectiveness have triggered worries even among people who are fully vaccinated.How effective are the vaccines against the delta variant?There are two ways to answer this question. One is by analyzing blood samples from people who have been fully vaccinated.Scientists can

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