Phil McCausland7h ago / 6:19 PM UTCGeorgia Pacific, one of the largest paper companies in the world, said they’re operating as normally as possible to meet consumer demands for toilet paper. The Georgia-based company said that it had seen its retail demand grow significantly over the past week, as people stock up on rolls of toilet paper during the coronavirus pandemic. Orders for the product are as much as two times higher than normal during the same period, the company said.But, Georgia-Pacific added, its manufacturing operations have managed to ship out approximately 120 percent of their normal capacity. Its mills and distribution centers “are currently operating normally and we are doing our best to meet consumer demand.””We’re doing this through our use of existing inventory, increasing our production, and using a managed distribution process to smartly manage through this unusual period,” the company said. Phil McCausland7h ago / 6:18 PM UTCMember of White House press corps turned away because temperature too highOne member of the White House press corps was turned away from Vice President Mike Pence’s coronavirus briefing on Saturday because his temperature was too high.The White House Physician’s Office announced earlier in the day that they would take the temperatures

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