The FBI is out with a new warning that criminals may try to exploit the COVID-19 pandemic through a a tempting scheme.It starts off as a harmless enough request. You receive an email, maybe through an online job site or a dating website. Provide your bank account information and allow money transfers to flow through your account. You move the money for someone and they pay you a little cash for your trouble or lure you with the potential of a romantic relationship.Sounds easy, even profitable, right?Wrong. Acting as a so called “money mule” may land you in prison and ruin you financially.The FBI says scam artists are taking advantage of the coronavirus outbreak to launder ill-gotten gains by accessing your personal and financial information and then using you to move the money for them.Agents say criminals convince other people, the money mules, into moving illicit money for them oftentimes through fund transfers or even the physical movement of cash.Let our news meet your inbox. The news and stories that matters, delivered weekday mornings.Some of the money comes from internet scams, while other sources include drug trafficking, human trafficking and other illegal business schemes.”It’s not easy for criminals to move

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