Doha Madani8h ago / 7:37 PM UTCThe coronavirus death toll in France surpassed 10,000 on Tuesday, despite severe quarantine measures that have been put in place across the country to slow the spread of the virus. French authorities have counted at least 1,417 coronavirus deaths on Tuesday, including deaths in nursing homes, pushing the total for the nation over 10,300. Director General of Health Jarome Salomon warned that the country has yet to see its peak and the curve has yet to flatten. Israel uses closed McDonald’s drive-thrus for speedy coronavirus testing”We take advantage of the infrastructure of our friends at McDonald’s, of their drive-thru, in order to conduct tests for patients who need them,” said Ilan Tibi, of Israeli health organization Clalit.Ben Kesslen 8h ago / 7:28 PM UTCAmid social distancing, activists turn to a new tactic: the car protestActivism has been disrupted by the coronavirus and organizers have turned to a new tactic to get their message out: the car protest. On March 22, immigration activist groups held a car protest outside the Hudson County Detention Center in New Jersey, calling for the release of detained migrants amid the coronavirus pandemic. The protesters were all in their cars, honking, demanding action —

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