Kevin Collier18h ago / 9:22 PM UTCStates urge alternative voting methods ahead of Tuesday primariesAs coronavirus continues to spread, election officials in the four states holding presidential primaries next Tuesday are encouraging Americans to vote by unconventional means to avoid crowds.That usually means voting by mail or voting early to avoid large crowds in states where those things are an option — as is the case in those holding primaries March 17.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention declared the coronavirus a pandemic Wednesday, and has recommended that election officials“[e]ncourage voters to use voting methods that minimize direct contact with other people and reduce crowd size at polling stations.”“We have really been pushing as much as we can for voters who are concerned by polling places to take advantage of voting by mail,” Matt Dietrich, public affairs officer at the Illinois State Board of Elections, told NBC News. “That’s obviously the easiest way to avoid any kind of exposure to crowds, or lines or other people.”Read the story.Phil McCausland19h ago / 7:54 PM UTCNew York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Thursday that the state would ban all gatherings of 500 or more people.The announcement could massively affect concerts, sporting events and more scheduled

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