Officials in Xi’an have been punished after reports emerged of people being denied lifesaving medical treatment and running low on food amid a strict coronavirus lockdown in the Chinese city of 13 million. Xi’an, an ancient capital and now major center of industry 600 miles southwest of Beijing, was locked down late last month amid China’s worst outbreak of the coronavirus since it was first detected in Wuhan in late 2019. Residents have been told to stay home except to get tested for Covid. In recent days, outrage over the lockdown conditions has swelled as people shared personal stories online, forcing authorities to apologize and announce disciplinary action against officials. One account posted on the popular Chinese social media platform Weibo said a heavily pregnant woman miscarried outside the Xi’an Gaoxin Hospital on Jan. 1 after she was refused entry because she hadn’t been tested for the virus recently enough. “The blood ran down the chair and her pants, the ground was covered in blood,” a user named Biexiayulechengma, described as a relative of the woman, said in a post. “The 8-month-old child was stillborn and had no heartbeat.” The post has since been deleted and further posts on the account hidden from public

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