LONDON — It was promoted as a potential coronavirus game changer, a breakthrough that would allow millions of people to resume their daily lives within a matter of days.Governments and companies around the world put great faith in the idea of an “antibodies test” — a home-administered finger-prick kit designed to detect whether someone has had the coronavirus in the past and, crucially, has built up immunity.But the initial optimism was dented this week after leading British scientists revealed that none of the tests they had tried so far were accurate enough to be of any use. The U.K. government, whose prime minister, Boris Johnson, is in intensive care with symptoms of COVID-19, the disease associated with the coronavirus, said it had ordered millions of the kits and was now seeking refunds.”Sadly, the tests we have looked at to date have not performed well,” Sir John Bell, the Oxford University professor heading up the tests for the British government, wrote in a blog post Sunday. “We see many false negatives … and we also see false positives.”Full coverage of the coronavirus outbreakThe U.K. “is now uniquely positioned to evaluate and find the optimal test for this disease,” but no country

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