It always seems like my local coffee shop runs out of outlets right when my smartphone battery is inching toward zero percent or my laptop is on its final legs, and I need to make a call or hail a ride home. Of course, while the coronavirus COVID-19 rages on, most coffee shops are shutting their doors and upwards of 80 million Americans have been ordered to stay indoors. Regardless, the dwindling n number of available slots in your surge protectors and power strips or trying to work remotely from different parts of your home could mean a portable charger is in demand. Whether you’re looking for a new one now or trying to replace yesteryear’s model, it can be challenging to find the right portable battery pack for you, considering the sea of technical jargon you’ll be wading through shopping for a new charger. Here’s how to figure out what you need so you can charge your wireless earbuds, laptop, smartphone or travel tech no matter where you are.In this articleCapacity: How much can you charge?Speed: How quickly can you charge?Compatibility: What can you charge?Portable charger shopping safety tipsPortable charger capacity: How much can you charge?How long does a

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