As hospital employees and care providers on the front lines battle the coronavirus pandemic, the rest of us search for ways to help provide the supplies and support they need.“We’re in uncharted waters,” Dr. Kate Tulenko, the CEO of Corvus Health, says. “The U.S might be able to do heart transplants and other great things, but our doctors can’t get masks right now. Hospitals are completely unprepared for this pandemic and are begging for help.”While the average person cannot provide the things hospitals in the thick of COVID-19 most desperately need, such as intensive care unit beds and ventilators, physicians on the front lines insist that there are still steps we can take to be of service.Here are nine ways you can help hospital workers right now.The best thing you can do is stay home“I cannot underscore how important it is for people to stay home during this period of social distancing,” says Dr. Tamara Moise, lead physician at Big Apple Urgent Care and an ER doctor at a hospital in Brooklyn that has been hit hard by COVID-19 cases. “The best way to help medical staff is to avoid getting sick. You’ve heard it over and over again, but

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