After competing in a few triathlons, Erika Hall started running regularly 10 years ago, even going so far as trekking trails in a couple of marathons.”Running keeps me sane,” Hall told NBC News. “If I have to write something or if I’m worried about something, I go for a run and it automatically boosts my mental health and helps me think more clearly.”Yet as news of the coronavirus outbreak worsened and more stringent measures were undertaken to ensure social distancing took hold in areas around the United States, including in her home city of San Francisco, Hall stopped running altogether out of concern that she wouldn’t be able to remain adequately distant from fellow joggers and pedestrians.Kaitlin Goodman was supposed to compete at the United States Olympic Track and Field trials in June, but the competition has been postponed until 2021.Courtesy of Kaitlin GoodmanShe spent three weeks cooped up inside her house “feeling horrible” about not running before pulling on her “most fluorescent” jacket and sneakers and venturing outside to work out.“It was like a weird video game where you get points by avoiding people and avoiding infection,” Hall said. “Every time I saw another person on the street I’d

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