WASHINGTON — Last year on Christmas Eve, advisers to then-President-elect Joe Biden held an emergency meeting to discuss a scenario that felt increasingly likely: the emergence of a mutant strain of the coronavirus that would evade vaccine protection.At the time, the alarm bells were ringing for the alpha variant, which quickly faded. But the concerns led Biden’s team to lay the groundwork for the plan they are now beginning to implement as researchers work to determine how much of a threat the omicron variant may pose, according to people familiar with the planning.While there are still more questions than answers about the variant, Biden administration officials are prepping for a litany of worst-case scenarios and daunting questions, such as: What would happen if it turned out more than 200 million Americans needed to be revaccinated?It will be several weeks before officials know the answer to that question. So far, they have said it is possible booster doses of the current vaccines will provide enough protection if the omicron variant turns out to be more lethal or contagious.But until they know for sure, they are also counting on a system of genomic sequencing and testing the administration has spent billions of

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