Brazil’s doctors are calling for stricter measures as the daily coronavirus death toll shows little sign of easing — while the nation’s turbulent politics threaten to undermine efforts to combat the spread of the outbreak.Case numbers have been doubling approximately every five days, and according to a recent study by Imperial College London, Brazil has the highest transmission rate of any major country.“Last week, we reached the lowest peak of quarantine compliance, and this week more serious cases started to appear,” said Amanda Ferreira Santa Barbara, 26, a doctor at Sao Paulo’s Unifesp training hospital.She’s one of several medical professionals who spoke to NBC News about their concern that Brazil needs more stringent lockdown restrictions to prevent further infection spread. “I believe we are reaching the worst stage.”President Jair Bolsonaro, who last month summarily dismissed highly-respected Health Minister Luiz Henrique Mandetta after publicly clashing with him over social distancing measures, has continued to downplay the impact of COVID-19 on Brazil’s more than 200 million residents. This takes place as gravediggers have carved out mass burial sites at the edge of residential neighborhoods in the commercial capital Sao Paulo for days at a time.Brazil’s Ministry of Health says there have been

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