WASHINGTON — Joe Biden has defeated Bernie Sanders in the Wisconsin Democratic primary, NBC News projects, the last contest held before the Vermont senator dropped out and endorsed the former vice president.The results of last week’s election, released on a court-ordered delay Monday, cap a highly unusual and controversial election that took place despite the coronavirus pandemic last Tuesday, when voters donned masks and gloves to head to the polls.With 71 percent of the vote in, Biden has a commanding lead over Sanders of 63.9 percent to 30.7 percent, or 410,321 votes to 196,989 votes. NBC News projects that the lead will translate into a net gain of 30 delegates for Biden over Sanders, bringing his total to 1,273 delegates, to Sanders’ 935.Meanwhile, in a high-stakes battle for the Wisconsin Supreme Court, liberal judge Jill Karofsky defeated conservative incumbent Justice Daniel Kelly, who was backed by President Donald Trump, according to the Associated Press.While the court is technically non-partisan, Republicans fought to defend the conservative majority on the court, while Democrats backed Karofsky, with both sides hoping to influence the outcome of major voting rights cases before the court in the most important swing state in the country ahead of

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