Like many anxious people around the world, Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry is seeking as much information as he can about the COVID-19 pandemic. On Thursday, Curry hosted an Instagram live question-and-answer session with one of the world’s leading coronavirus experts, Dr. Anthony Fauci.Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said what the world is dealing with is largely unprecedented, citing the mortality rate of the coronavirus as 10 times higher than for the typical influenza virus.Today in the U.S., there are almost 84,000 people who have been infected with coronavirus and more than 1,200 deaths associated with the disease.Full coverage of the coronavirus outbreakAnd the numbers are climbing.The Morning RundownGet breaking news and insider analysis on the rapidly changing world of media and technology right to your inbox.”It’s really different in its degree of seriousness,” Fauci said. Despite being reasonably benign in whom it targets, he said, the virus is heavily weighted toward infecting the elderly and people with underlying conditions. Those are the most vulnerable.Repeating advice he has been giving for weeks, Fauci said people must practice social distancing to mitigate infection rates and not overwhelm hospitals. “This is serious business. We are

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