WASHINGTON — President-elect Joe Biden’s administration will face a daunting task when he takes office: vaccinating more than 300 million people against the coronavirus as quickly and as safely as possible.But trying to get detailed information from the outgoing Trump administration has proven impossible, hampering the Biden team’s ability to begin planning, according to several health officials advising the incoming president’s team.The information Biden’s team wants includes:The total number of N95 masks, plastic gloves and syringes available for medical professionals nationwide.Information on the size of the nursing staff available to administer millions of doses of the vaccine, including in rural areas.An understanding of where existing supplies are stored, whether they meet the projected demands of all 50 states, how quality control checks will be conducted, and how to prevent state and hospital system bidding wars.Terms of vaccine contracts with pharmaceutical companies, including logistics, and the role of the Department of Defense.Existing databases on testing, vaccinations and protective gear.The information black hole continues because of the General Services Administration’s refusal to certify Biden as the president-elect and allow transition activities to commence, a decision fueled by President Donald Trump’s unwillingness to concede defeat.Biden has argued that delays in getting his team

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