Kevin Collier3h ago / 8:49 PM UTCNew Jersey will test out online voting for a limited number of people in a special election next month.Responding to concerns that voting in person can violate social distancing measures designed to halt the spread of the coronavirus, the state is already planning to conduct its May 12 municipal elections, for which there are about 700,000 eligible voters, almost entirely by mail.But counties will be able to offer voters with disabilities who say they can’t fill out and mail a paper ballot the option of using Democracy Live, a platform that allows users to receive and mark their ballot through an online portal, a spokesperson for New Jersey Secretary of State Tammy Murphy said Wednesday.Several other states, including Washington and West Virginia, have already committed to offering Democracy Live statewide for their primaries this year. The program also allows users who want to mark their ballot online and print it out. Though disability advocacy groups have praised the program, cybersecurity experts routinely condemn online voting. “This seems like an extremely narrow use case with very significant collateral risks,” Matt Blaze, a Georgetown election cybersecurity researcher, said.Jonathan Dienst3h ago / 8:35 PM UTCBrooklyn man accused of

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