David K. Li2h ago / 11:32 PM UTCNew York City cases double in a day, now over 1,800More than 1,800 people in New York have tested positive for coronavirus, City Hall announced on Wednesday night, more than double what had been reported just 24 hours earlier. There are 1,871 confirmed cases in the five boroughs of America’s largest city, according to the New York City Health Department.Just one day earlier the count had been 923 cases and 10 dead.Erik Ortiz2h ago / 11:09 PM UTCTenants face eviction uncertaintyA countless number of tenants and homeowners nationwide are walking financial tightropes when it comes to their economic security during the global pandemic. With the national unemployment rate potentially rising to 20 percent and high traffic crashing some states’ unemployment benefits websites, the threat of soaring evictions across the country is real, housing advocates and researchers say.If city, state and federal governments don’t step in now, they warn, at stake are people’s homes and health if they’re evicted and thrown out onto the street, which would only exacerbate a deepening public health crisis.”We’re in an unprecedented historic position,” said Alieza Durana, a writer and spokeswoman for the Eviction Lab at Princeton University, which compiles nationwide eviction data. “I

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