Elisha Fieldstadt3h ago / 3:11 PM UTCNew York Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday that testing for the coronavirus in the city had become easier by eliminating the need for a health care worker to administer the test. Previously, a health care worker would have to dress in full protective equipment to test someone, since swabbing of a patient’s nose often caused that person to sneeze or cough. The new tests include a less intrusive nasal swab and saliva sample — both of which the patient can do themselves. The new tests are safer and easier, and will allow the city to test more people faster, de Blasio and health professionals said.De Blasio also announced Monday that the city will hire some 1,000 health care workers to act as contact tracers.Reuters3h ago / 3:03 PM UTCDomestic abuse calls spike in Latin America during coronavirus lockdownLockdowns around Latin America are helping slow the spread of COVID-19, but are having a darker and less-intended consequence: a spike in calls to helplines suggests a rise in domestic abuse, in a region where almost 20 million women and girls suffer sexual and physical violence each year.In cities from Buenos Aires to Mexico City, Santiago, São Paulo and

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