As hospitals in the state reach capacity and face dire staff shortages, North Dakota’s governor announced the state will allow healthcare workers who have tested positive for Covid-19 to continue working in coronavirus units, officials announced this week.The order applies only to those who have asymptomatic cases, and the Covid-positive nurses will only be allowed to treat other Covid-19 patients. Still, some nurses worry that the practice might not be safe, and some health administrators in North Dakota are warning of burnout among hospital staff.”I think it’s irresponsible,” Sarah Lothspeich, an ER nurse in Fargo, told NBC News.”We have to think about the patients that don’t have Covid, the staff that don’t have Covid. The amount of times I’ve thought about this whenever somebody leaves my facility with Covid: ‘How many doorknobs have they touched to leave? Who’s cleaning them? Who’s sterilizing the room?’ We are, but things could be missed,” Lothspeich said. “That might sound a little crazy to think about doorknobs, but I just think about the risk of exposure, somebody that has Covid-19, to somebody that does not. I think that risk is just too great to know the benefit isn’t good enough.”Hospital administrators have asked for

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